About Us

Durham Engineering is a mechanical engineering design and consultancy company that offers clients a wide range of technical and project management services.

Supporting all engineering sectors, Durham Engineering is committed to providing quality services that are tailored to meet the necessary requirements of all clients.  These services can cover all aspects of design; from conceptual studies to detailed design and even technical appraisals of in-service mechanical equipment.

At its core, Durham Engineering is committed to upholding engineering excellence.  No matter the size or complexity of a project or whether bespoke design is required, we will endeavour to deliver a suitable and cost effective engineered solution to our clients.

Within its core disciplines, Durham Engineering can supply the following services;

  • Pressure Vessel Design
  • Storage Tank Design
  • Piping Systems & Process Skid Design
  • Mechanical and Machines Design
  • 3D Design, Analysis & Simulation

If the design work requires a discipline that is outside our core range, Durham Engineering can manage the required discipline through our network of trusted design contractors and consultants, providing the client with the complete design solution.  Contact us to discuss the range of additional services that we can supply to your business.

In the UK, Engineering is often thought by companies solely driven by finance as a necessary evil,  a means to maintain assets and increase profits.  While the primary function of a business is to make money, we should not loose sight of the principle objective of engineering; to enhance the world through the implementation of technology.

Many large engineering companies have forgotten the importance of this, chasing large multi-million pound turnkey projects and the financial gains that follow, whilst smaller clients are overlooked due to low turnover potential or technical risk.

Durham Engineering is passionate about engineering and is dedicated to supporting all clients that require technical assistance, no matter the size or complexity of their needs with a professional, but personable and cost effective service.  We will always act honestly, diligently and with the clients best interests in mind. 

Andrew Lawson CEng IMechE Meng

Managing Director

Durham Engineering Ltd